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Our first port of call was the island of Rhodes. The Old Town is the oldest inhabited medieval town in Europe. We got there on Monday, so the museums were all closed. We walked around the town a little and through the moat around the outside of the walls. Then we found the bus stop and got on a bus for the town of Lindos.

The Acropoilis of Lindos was supposed to be closed too, but after climbing the hill for a view of the town, we found out it was open. We went inside for a closer look at the medieval fortifications.

Here's Paul taking a picture of the view from the Acropolis. We could just barely make out the coastline of Turkey across the Aegean.
We spent the afternoon on the beach. The water wasn't quite warm enough, but the view was nice.

We almost missed the ship in the afternoon because the plentiful supply of cabs that were there at noon had all disappeared by 3:30. We managed to catch the bus back to Rhodes Town and boarded with minutes to spare.

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